Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Redirected energies.

We have had the most snow now for many seasons, and it's about to dump a record amount tomorrow.  I guess I'll trust the weatherman enough this time to set my schedule aside for a snow day. Glorious white landscapes remind me of blank paper. Maybe it will give me time to express our little homestead's fate and write a bit.  Yes, it's been a long time since posts.  The land is pristine and practically untouched, while we have been working hard to prepare.  Ok,  no, that's not entirely true... we have setup a table and two chairs in the middle of the forest.  They look insignificant.  The enormity of the task ahead has daunted me.

The truth is we have bought a little house in the city of Little Rock instead and started our garden there.  Our energies have been redirected to build my construction and architecture business, to gather our strength, and to focus on ourselves.  Our goals are the same.  It has taken me this long to realize that our efforts on this urban lot has still been part and parcel of our homesteading effort and worthy for mention in this blog.  That silly little movie of Pixar's called "Up" may have helped me see this. The main character realizes his greatest adventure is and always will be dreaming with his wife and being with her.  The grand adventurer is not the one who goes to the ends of the earth, but the one who sees the people around him and spends time with them, supports them, and laughs with them.  In the same token, my devotion to wife and daughter drives me to make home where the hearth is. 

Our efforts for our family to be strong, our environment to be cleaner and our food to be nutritious is the core of our homesteading efforts, and as such belongs in this blog.  Maybe I can write now of our urban remodeling and gardening.  Christi has made huge strides in protecting us from our toxic world and taking us into a new awareness of nutrition.  My green business has taken off and we plan continuously of stepping onto the 60 acres with more knowledge and planning than ever before.

So, the blog shall continue with new emphasis.  Our Griffin House Farm is on 6000 sq ft presently.  The seeds are ready to start and so am I.

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