Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spring garden tour 2011

I thought I should give a little more introduction to my garden and a tour of what is growing at the high point of Spring this Memorial Day weekend.  I tore up my front yard and planted a 40foot by 30foot vegetable and herb garden for my family.  I did this mainly to sustain us and to demonstrate to myself and others that the small attempts at food production in our tomato pots and rosemary bushes could actually make an impact in our lives and participate in a community wide local foods effort.  I participate in the Arkansas Sustainability Network's local food coop as well and sell them spare crops and plants that I cannot consume or preserve myself.  When I came across on the internet a family in Pasadena that took this urban homesteading idea to an extreme, I was impressed and inspired.  Too bad they turned out to such bad apples, tearing down the community rather than building it.  Here is my one year old garden:

Napa Cabbage almost ready for harvest.  Sauerkraut here I come!

Huge selection of Thai Basil with Dill in background.

The last of the sugar peas.

Chard Chard and more Chard.

Sweet basil and Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

Calendula (Pot Marigolds) and Chadwick Cherry Tomatoes

Red Bell Peppers ( they got a drink of water after this picture)

Stepped terraces of Tomatoes with Golden Beets on southern edges.

Baby lettuce.  Nasturtium on other side of picket fence.

Peppermint next to the stone pond.

Around corner of house are pumpkins pioneering my Southern facade. Flat leafed Parsley seeded from neighbor's garden and now returning the favor.

Cucumbers starting to climb the southern and northern pickets

Borage and other herbs and flowers on Eastern picket facing street.

Nasturtium, Lacy Lavender blooming, and Bee Balm on street bed.

Garden looking downhill.  It slopes 5 feet down going south.

Bulbs from the previous garden.  At least they are edible.

The garden gate.  I built the picket fence because veggie gardens are notorious for looking a little wild, especially the way I garden.

When I got tired of waiting for Carrots to germinate, I started Strawberries.