Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Of igloos and rosemary

I spent the better part of this morning in an igloo.  The snow has long since melted  here, but my daughter still has her "igloo" tent up in the parlor room.  She has it stuffed full of animals and books and loves to have me sit in the bean bag chair inside while showing me all her stuff.  That would be more entertaining if I were not over 6 feet tall and the igloo was under 3 foot tall.  Or maybe that image is exactly the entertaining part.  I watched her closely while Mommy is running errands.  The last time Mommy went out, she bought back two little rosemary plants on sale at the grocery store.  They weren't in bad shape, so I planted them on either side of what will be out picket fence gate.  I figured it is just as good as any time to plant herbs.  They obstensively say "Rosemary Hardy" and are labeled Rosemarious Officianalis, which I take to mean that they do not know what variety they are.  Should I really plant herbs outside in February?  Just go for it, I tell myself.  That's me saying to the heavens that we do not need another winter storm this year!!!  Just in case, I have some milk jugs handy with their bottoms cut out to be little versions of daughter's igloo.  Actually, I have dozens of them handy as I get ready for early spring planting.  Weather in the central valleys of Arkansas have been so unpredictable that I dread a surprise heavy visit from Jack Frost.

Igloos inside and igloos outside at the ready.  Spring cometh soon enough.

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