Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Filling in the hot spots

Where some of the cool weather crops have been harvested in my garden, I have filled in with more heat tolerant crops.  What to do when Arkansas gets all humid and hot in late June? First, I bought a bale of straw to mulch the paths and beds.  We were hit with a minor drought that was broken yesterday, thank goodness.  I needed more mulch to keep down the weeds and keep the soil moist and cool. I reseeded the cilantro as most of the plants now are going to seed and making coriander.  The hot peppers are doing ok, but I WANT MORE!  So I planted a bed of nothing but jalepenos, and another bed of cayenne chili pepper.  I am on my third seeding of okra due to low germination rates.  I expanded the bed and planted Cremson Spineless Okra. I filled in some gaps with a Detroit Dark Red Beet to hopefully harvest before frost.  And along the front path where the peas and lettuce have dies out, I have planted Georgia Southern Collards because I just loved the shredded collards that the Brazilian cafe down the road serves.  I am biding my time before I plant my fall and over winter crops and flowers.  Maybe August....

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