Monday, April 25, 2011

The color is green.

After winter's blanket of gray, my garden has returned to green.  Few of the colorful Spring flowers are out yet, so I enjoy the green.  Everything is sprouting and growing.  Maybe this new garden will fill in nicely, but I bought a few more flower seed packages today to spread around to fill the gaps and make the garden even more intensive. 

Here's a quick tour for today:
The wormwood that we rescued from another garden has a friend in a wayward pea sprout.

Tomatoes are putting out blossoms next to edge rows of golden beets.

The sugar pea bed is half way up the pea sticks.  A volunteer lettuce sneaks its way into bed with the peas.

From front to rear: green onions rescued from the bottom of the veggie drawer are blooming, lavender sends up shoots, oregano spreads, salvia adds its pink, rosemary stands steadfast, sage is copacetic  in the back.

Napa cabbage hasn't complained yet of the close spacing while spinach and lettuce together mulches the foreground.

Last fall's kale goes to seed beautifully.

Sage and salvia get along

Winter's cover crop of daikon blooms on the edges of the garden.

Broccoli tastes still sweet when blooming.

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