Thursday, March 3, 2011

Second Batch of Seeds

Now that the first batch of little sugar cubes have started sprouting and even a few have been transfered to 2" cubes, I am ready for the second batch.  These I am starting roughly 4 weeks before I want to put them out in the garden.

Here's the run down:
Thyme, Common (Organic Burpee)
Cabbage, Napa Bilko (Peaceful Valley)
Fennel, Florence (Peaceful Valley)
Borage (Peaceful Valley)
Feverfew (Seeds of Change)
Basil, Sweet (Peaceful Valley)
Majoram (Peaceful Valley)
Basil, True Thai Queenette (Renee's Garden)
Pepper, Red Bell (fruit from Whole Foods)

I plan one more seed start tray in 2 weeks.

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