Saturday, February 6, 2010

After a brief respite

Ok, we took a while to get back to this blog.  Dreams seem never to have a logical progression and our plans are no exception.  But we are of the determined sort and that seems to be the primary prerequisite for homesteading.  Still, priorities asserted themselves.  We were busy moving and settling into our community.  Our design/build business needed some time to grow and strengthen, especially in this economic climate.  And our first project together as a couple turned out to be our most joyous.  To us was born Israfel Shae Collins on July 29th.  Nothing seemed as important than caring for her. At the same time, nothing drives us to build our home more!

Honing our goals, we are set on occupying the land first and foremost, and then setting things in order as we can.  Lil' Izzy needs her home.  We have chosen a new site for the first occupation, a cliff overlooking what is now a full creek.  We will not be able to integrate vast sheep fields and gardens as before on the northern side of the lot, but out from our living room we will be able to hear the gurgling sounds of nature far below and our house will nestle into the hill and trees above the flood plain.  We will leave the existing clearing on the north side of the property for the main house yards and farm as we can manage to cultivate them in the future. Nevertheless, this more modest homestead site will have orchards and bees and gardens and dog yard and chickens and all that our permaculture and architecture training can create on a quartz laden creek cliff.  

This will be our first stand.  Our Creek House.    Look for plans as we develop them!

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